Should I Keep This? (WWT)

When writing, it is quite easy to lose yourself. Getting absorbed in your writing can lead to some incredible outcomes. But sometimes you are left to wonder, should I actually include this in my story? Well, if that’s the case then you have come to the right place. Here are three ways to determine if … Continue reading Should I Keep This? (WWT)


Creating Creatures (WWT)

One of the best parts of writing is being able to let your imagination run wild. Your fantasy world comes to life with each word you write. And some of those words that make up this world may be the creatures that roam it. But what creatures suit your world the best? One of the … Continue reading Creating Creatures (WWT)

Quotes by Writers for Writers (WWT)

As a writer, inspiration can come from anywhere. So why not from the people who write themselves? Today, I have gathered three quotes by writers for writers and will discuss what ideas for a story form in my mind when reading these quotes.     Quote #1 I try to create sympathy for my characters, … Continue reading Quotes by Writers for Writers (WWT)

Need Motivation? (WWT)

Just not motivated to write? We all have been there many times. And through our experiences we all have found ways to deal with it. Whether it’s ignoring this lack of motivation or caving into it for some time. But sometimes our usual tricks don’t work. So today (as my own motivation to write has … Continue reading Need Motivation? (WWT)

Time to Edit! (WWT)

After you finish writing, what’s next? Editing of course! For most of us it is among the least enjoyable part of writing but without it, well our work could be near unbearable. I will admit I am not the best at editing. But thankfully, there are multiple ways to go about it. For today’s post, … Continue reading Time to Edit! (WWT)

Three Common Problems for Writers (WWT)

Being a writer isn’t easy, problems do occur. And most of the time, they can be unavoidable. Spending hours, days or even just a few minutes with these problems is enough to make you want to pull out your hair in frustration. Without further ado, here are three common problems for writers. Problem #1 Out … Continue reading Three Common Problems for Writers (WWT)

Three Quotes for Writers to Live By (WWT)

As a writer, it is almost inevitable that something will happen in your life that makes you stop writing either temporarily or permanently. Whether it’s a rejection from a publisher, harsh criticism, loss of faith in your work, or even the dreaded writer’s block. When these times hit, it can be hard to dig deep … Continue reading Three Quotes for Writers to Live By (WWT)

Creating a World – Part 2 (WWT)

Last week, I covered three tips for creating a world for your story. One issue, there are more than just three things that need to be considered. This week, I’ll be adding three more tips for creating a world for your novel.   Tip #1 Timeframe This may sound obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to … Continue reading Creating a World – Part 2 (WWT)

Creating a World (WWT)

When you begin a novel, there are many things that you need to consider. Characters, purpose, the setting, the genre, and the world. Out of all these considerations, this week I would like to focus on the world in which your story takes place. Designing the world takes a lot of time and care, especially … Continue reading Creating a World (WWT)

Three Important Descriptive Areas (WWT)

When writing a story, it can sometimes become difficult to convey the ideas in your head to the reader. This is why descriptions are necessary. In my last post, I discussed three ways to describe what is happening in a story. This time, I will be stating three areas that deserve descriptive language. Tip #1 … Continue reading Three Important Descriptive Areas (WWT)