Should I Keep This? (WWT)

When writing, it is quite easy to lose yourself. Getting absorbed in your writing can lead to some incredible outcomes.

But sometimes you are left to wonder, should I actually include this in my story?

Well, if that’s the case then you have come to the right place. Here are three ways to determine if you should keep that scene in your story or not.


Tip #1

Does it make sense?

Honestly, this is the most important question on this list.

When you are determining if you should keep a scene or not, evaluate how it fits with the story. Does it make any sense as is?

Sometimes you may decide it just needs a few alterations to make it fit, and sometimes you just need to add more context prior or after it to tie it into the story. But other times you may make the decision that it just doesn’t fit.

Always make sure that no matter how much you love a scene, always make sure that it makes sense. Otherwise, you may just confuse your readers.



Tip #2

Is it necessary?

Does it add anything to your story? Or is it just filler?

Long filler scenes that add nothing to the story or advance it in any way will likely bore your reader. And a bored reader will start to skim through these sections.



Tip #3

Does it go too far?

This can be a touchy area and everyone has their own opinion depending on the subject.

When determining if a scene should be included or not, sometimes it helps to see if it has gone too far in a particular subject.

Really, only you can make the final call as this is your story. It could help to seek out people in your circle to get their opinion on the matter. Additionally, try and see the scene from your targeted readers’ point of view. If that group – for instance – doesn’t mind an extremely detailed gory scene, then the scene may not need to removed/altered.

I personally do recommend only using this method when accompanied with the other two on this list.


And that’s it for this week. As always, please feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts down below. And why not follow my blog and Twitter too?

Thank you for reading.


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