Creating Creatures (WWT)

One of the best parts of writing is being able to let your imagination run wild.

Your fantasy world comes to life with each word you write. And some of those words that make up this world may be the creatures that roam it.

But what creatures suit your world the best? One of the pre-existing mythical creatures already used in stories (ie. dragons, fairies, etc.), a pre-existing animal (ie. wolves, lions, etc.), or one of your own creations.

This week I will be covering the inclusion on creatures in your fantasy world.



Tip #1

Research Pre-existing Creatures

First things first, why not research what is already out there? You may find the perfect creature already out there waiting for you to adapt it to your own work.

There are plenty of options out there that are available that could be used. Additionally, they could inspire you to create your own creatures.



Tip #2

Create Your Own

Tailoring a creature for your world needs to take time and consideration. It should never be just a quick thought that you go with.

You need to detail what this creature is, its impact on your world (for instance, a pest to the farmers, a vicious creature that attacks anything on sight), what it looks like, and the impact it will have on your story.

Take as much time as you need on this as you may even find new ideas for your stories while doing this. And creating one creature may instantly lead to the creation of another.



Tip #3

How Many?

How many different types of creatures should be in your fantasy world? Well, being honest that decision is strictly up to you.

Your story’s setting can play a role in this. For instance, if you have your setting in a castle then consider what creatures may exist in the castle or in the surrounding area. You may have rats, cats, and dogs inside the castle but in the surrounding area there are wolves, rabbits, etc. If this is the case, then think about how these animals are going to be presented.  For instance, are these wolves like real life wolves or have they got spikes pointing out of their shoulder blades to protect themselves from attacks by the animals that hunt them? Are the cats capable of standing on two legs and speaking? Are the rabbits in this world actually a tribe of humans who act and have the same physical characteristics of our world’s rabbits?

Just because you use a known animal or mythical creature, doesn’t mean you can’t alter them to become more suited for your world.

Additionally, consider creatures that may provide a meat source to the characters in your book – or even if that is an option in your fantasy world.

My main suggestion is to at least have a few ready to be inserted into your story when necessary.




And that’s it for this week. As always, please feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts down below. And why not follow my blog and Twitter too?

Thank you for reading.


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