Need Motivation? (WWT)

Just not motivated to write?

We all have been there many times. And through our experiences we all have found ways to deal with it. Whether it’s ignoring this lack of motivation or caving into it for some time.

But sometimes our usual tricks don’t work. So today (as my own motivation to write has been lacking), I will be discussing three tricks that just may help you find that motivation.

Tip #1

Take some time off

This may sound like you are caving in to the voice inside your head that is holding back your motivation, but this does help a lot of people.

Sometimes, you just need a break to help get that ball rolling again. The amount of time you take is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that this is only a break and not you avoiding writing. If you start to use this to just put off writing, then it is time to try a different motivation tool (or just tell yourself that your break time has expired, whatever works best for you).

Tip #2


If you love writing, then most likely you love to read.

There are many benefits to this method, not only are you relaxing and enjoying an experience but you are also researching for your own writing.

Ideas can spring to your mind when reading someone else’s work. Perhaps you have a beginning and ending for your book but are struggling to work out the middle. You may get a few ideas from the various other novels around you.

Once you get these ideas for your own work, you may just as well feel motivated to sit down and write about them.

Tip #3

Just do it

Okay, so I know there are other methods to try but in my personal experience I end up using them as distractions.

Pick a setting that’s right for you (at night, at a cafe, at a desk with a cool breeze entering through the adjacent window, etc.) and just start writing. Yes at first your lack of motivation may hold you back, but once you start and get captivated in your own thoughts you will be fine.

And that’s it for this week. As always, please feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts down below. And why not follow my blog and Twitter too?

Thank you for reading.


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