Creating a World – Part 2 (WWT)

Last week, I covered three tips for creating a world for your story.

One issue, there are more than just three things that need to be considered. This week, I’ll be adding three more tips for creating a world for your novel.


Tip #1


This may sound obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to forget what timeframe your story takes place in. Even fantasy writers need to keep in mind the timeframe of their world.

For instance, if your novel is set before electricity was introduced, then you will need to make sure you take that into consideration.

The best advice is to research the era that you are writing about. Even the smallest bits of detail can make your world feel more realistic.


Tip #2

Hierarchy and Government

Who rules the land? Who decides the laws and restrictions?

Establishing the hierarchy and government of the world is necessary to help make it feel more realistic. If it’s set in medieval times, consider a royal family and develop them.

You don’t need to develop a detailed character report about them if they aren’t playing a role in your story, but at least make sure you have established what the hierarchy and government is.


Tip #3

Flora and Fauna

So you’ve created the world but it still feels dead? Have you thought about what lives in the world?

The world won’t feel real unless it has living and breathing flora and fauna to inhabit it. Depending on your story and the world your characters live in will determine what kind of flora and fauna live there.

For instance, in a fantasy land, there might be trolls, pixies, magical flowers that cure all diseases, etc. If your story is set in the Earth we currently live on, then the animals and plants will be the realistic ones we know.


Those are my three recommendations for creating a world for your novel. As always, if you have any tips in mind that you would like to have included in future posts, please feel free to comment them below or to message me on Twitter.



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