Describing the Scene (WWT)

When it comes to writing, it can be difficult to describe what is happening in the scene. But describing a scene well can make it easier for the reader to be absorbed in your work.

The following are three ways to describe what is happening in your story.


Tip #1


Describing the smell in the air or the scent of an object/person/thing can help set a mood and a tone. It also helps the reader to further imagine in detail where the character is.

Imagine walking into a bakery, there are multiple ways you could describe it but one way is the initial smell of freshly baked bread. What about a field full of blooming flowers? Describing this sweet aroma would further set the scene.


 Tip #2

Body Language

If you don’t mention the body language, your writing and characters may feel flat. Describing body language can explain how a character is feeling, without needing to explain it.

Something as simple as having the character roll their eyes at another character’s opinion, or covering their mouth to hide their smile is an effective way to describe what a character is thinking and feeling.


Tip #3

Feelings and Sensations

How does this situation make your character feel? Describing these sensations helps the reader understand how the character feels.

For instance, if the character is running from a creature in terror then show the sensations they are feeling. Their heart is beating frantically, their mouth may be feeling dry, they might be running barefoot and feel the rough, patchy terrain under their feet.

Including sensations in any scene will make it more intriguing.


Those are my three ways to further describe a scene. As always, if you have any tips in mind that you would like to have included in future posts, please feel free to comment them below or to message me on Twitter.



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