New Year’s Resolutions for Writers (WWT)

With the new year around the corner, many of us will begin to create resolutions for the new year.

Most of the time these only last the first two weeks, I for one am guilty of this. For this week’s Wednesday’s Writing Tips I am sharing three potential New Year’s resolutions for writers and the best way to stick to them.


Tip #1

Setting Writing Quotas

Setting goals can be a great way to motivate yourself. But as I mentioned in a previous WWT post, unrealistic goals will only cause you stress.

But realistic goals can be a great motivation tool. A monthly quota of words written, or a fortnightly quota of pages written, are two of the many great goals to set as part of your New Year’s resolution.

Just make sure you accommodate for the other activities in your life.

But what is the best way to stick to this? Well, rewards can always be a great way to celebrate sticking to your resolution. For instance, after completing the goal of writing two chapters in a month you may treat yourself to your favourite dessert.


Tip #2

Read More

If you write and plan to write a novel, then you really should read books. If you do want to improve your writing, and learn a few things along the way, then you probably should consider this.

Reading other writer’s work can be beneficial to your own. Say you want to write a romance novel but just can’t seem to make your protagonist’s love interest as desirable as you would like. Reading books of that genre that do this sort of style well will benefit you.

Just always remember, implement what you learn with your style. You may like that scene but you should never straight up copy it. That will just do more harm than good.

But how to stick to this? Well, that ties in with Tip #1. Setting goals and rewarding yourself should help to meet this goal.


Tip #3

Dust Up on Punctuation and Grammar.

As years go by the rules of grammar and punctuation slowly change. More rules are implemented while others modified or removed.

A good idea is making this year’s goal to dust up on these to make sure you are using everything correctly.

I know that I personally still make mistakes in these areas, but taking the time to learn is the only way to improve. You may just be surprised to learn a thing or two that you were previously unaware of.

A great way to stick to this is to first identify a reliable source that provides examples and explanations of the correct use of grammar and punctuation in a variety of situations. After doing so, keeping this source handy when you write should help to encourage yourself to double check whenever you are unsure if you have made a mistake or not.


Those are my three suggestions, but what will your resolution be? As always, if you have any tips in mind that you would like to have included in future posts, please feel free to comment them below or to message me on Twitter.


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