Stress Solutions for Writers (WWT)

Writing can be a fun and engaging experience, with the ability to let your imagination become accessible to others.

But sometimes, it can be stressful. So today I would like to provide three tips for reducing stress when writing.

By the way, this is all from personal experience or conversations that I have been involved with. It may not work for everyone but it’s something to try.


Tip #1

Avoid impossible deadlines.

Quality writing takes time, especially with a busy schedule. Having deadlines in place can be very rewarding.

It can motivate you to strive to reach a goal, but sometimes it can just cause more stress.

If you don’t have a busy schedule and you have plenty of time to sit down and write but lack the motivation, then yes a deadline could help. But if you already have a lot on your plate or are going through a personal experience, then this could make things worse.

Of course, having small, reasonable goals are perfectly fine. But nothing major.


Tip #2

Choose the right setting

Choosing the right setting to write in helps to reduce stress. The time of day, location and what’s around you can affect your mood and your stress levels.

If you find it easier to concentrate with your favourite music playing, then that would be the best move for you.

For me, personally, I find it easier to write at night when it’s quiet.


Tip #3

Take some relax time

This may seem obvious, but when you are really stressed sometimes you forget to take some time to yourself.

If you have writer’s block, or too stressed to work on your writing, remember to take a break. Taking a relaxing break will only improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. As an added bonus, you may even come up with ideas for your writing.


Those were my top three tips for reducing stress when writing. I hope they do help or at least lead to you finding your perfect solution. If you have any tips in mind that you would like to have included in future posts, please feel free to comment them below or to message me on Twitter.


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