Enter Google Pixel – The Newest Competitor

With Samsung’s latest struggle, the Android phone range has developed an opening for a new competitor in the market.

And that’s where Google comes in with its own phone, the first being named Pixel.

With the massive amount of money being spent in marketing the new phone, Google has proven that they are convinced that this mobile will be a must-have.

When it comes down to what makes Pixel different to the rest of market, the answer is simple. The Google Pixel takes the best qualities of the current smartphone generation and improves greatly upon it.

The Pixel is the first phone, and currently the only, to have a built-in Google Assistant.

But what is a Google Assistant and what is the point of it?

Well, this feature is designed to make life simpler and easier.

Aside from providing answers whenever the user asks questions, the assistant provides many useful features:

  • It can help to manage and organise tasks;
  • Quickly access and find photos;
  • Provide translations; and
  • Monitor your travel information.

Another selling point is the built-in camera. Now, built-in cameras are nothing new for smartphones. However, this camera has the best-ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score.

If you are anything like myself, you may be asking what does this actually mean?

Basically, Pixel will let you take brilliantly sharp, crisp photos in any light. No more poor lighting ruining photos that only Photoshop, and someone who knows how to use it, can restore.

And what’s better to accompany this capability than an unlimited online storage to keep all these photos?

Well, that’s just another feature. And as a bonus, this unlimited storage is completely free.

Additionally, the phone is available with 32GB and 128GB of storage capacity and 4GB of RAM.

One of my favourite, and most used, things about the iPhone is the FaceTime app. Well, Pixel has one as well.

Google Duo allows you to video call your friends, colleagues and loved ones, regardless if they are an Android or iOS user.

One of the biggest selling points for this phone is the battery life. From as little as 15 minutes of charging, the user can have up to 7 hours of battery life.

In regards to appearance, there are two sizes – the 5-inch screen of the standard Pixel and the 5.5-inch screen of the Pixel XL. At this stage, the phone only comes in two colours: Quite Black or Very Silver.

Will Pixel be the next big phone line? With what it has to offer, there is a high chance.

But for now, we will just have to wait and see.





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