Pokémon Sun and Moon Finally Released

After months of waiting, excited Pokémon fans have rejoiced at the release of the next instalment in the series.

To mark the 20th year anniversary since the first game was released, Pokémon Sun and Moon promises to bring more than just a new region and new Pokémon to catch, it promises a new experience.

As a long-term Pokémon fan myself, I am personally excited about this new take on the franchise.

Z-moves, version exclusive evolutions, and so much more are added to bring a new and exciting experience to players.

So far, reviews for the game have been terrific and now the fans have access to the full game – not just the demo.

The main question to ask now is, which starter did you choose?

Screen Rant 2016, Everything we know about Pokémon Sun and Moon, digital image, 8 August, viewed 18 November 2016, http://screenrant.com/pokemon-sun-and-moon-everything-we-know/?view=all


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