Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini Shortages Sparks Outrage

Bringing an old console back onto the market was immediately deemed a highly profitable move on Nintendo’s part.

After all, how many fans would immediately pay to relive childhood nostalgia? And how many people would pay to have the opportunity to experience a piece of gaming history for themselves?

Well, clearly a lot.

But unfortunately for Nintendo, and all retailers selling the product, high demand usually means a lot of unhappy customers who miss out because of shortages.

EB Games Australia was the latest  retailer to receive backlash for the shortage. Many buyers expressing their distaste on social media about missing out on the product because of the stability of the website.

Originally, the sale was meant to commence Monday the 15th of November. But the overwhelming amount of customers pouring onto the site made this impossible. After being rescheduled to today with promises of the server being able to hold more people, unfortunately, these errors occurred again.

Many customers made it to confirming their details before being kicked back to the very start again. After two painful hours, it was announced that EB Games Australia had run out of stock.

Although consumers were aware that the very limited stock would almost guarantee they would miss out, outrage continued.

And to make matters worse, customers who generally wanted the product had to compete with the “resellers” who want nothing more than to prey on the unfortunate to make a quick buck.

Whether they are able to convince people to pay their absurd price tag or lose out with people choosing to wait until store shelves are loaded with them next year, who knows.

One thing is for sure, most customers are unhappy with Nintendo right now.

If the NES Classic Mini follows the same path as Amiibo then we can expect more will be released soon enough, just not in time for the festive season.






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