Playstation 4 vs Playstation 4 Pro: Is the upgrade worth it?

As a fangirl of Sony’s successful Playstation console line, it was inevitable that I would instantly find myself hyped to own my very own Playstation 4 (PS4).

Since its release back in 2013, the PS4 has faced many changes. It was given a sleeker and smaller design to make it 30% smaller than the original and recently given an update to include HDR support.

However, now Playstation gamers have a new decision to make – whether they should upgrade to the new PS4 Pro or not.

 One of the main features of the PS4 Pro is its 4K resolution capability.

It should be noted that at the time this was posted not all current PS4 games can be played with this high level resolution. However, some games have been tweaked through patches already.

Oddly enough the internal  Blu-ray drive will not support the new Ultra 4K Blu-ray Disc format. Instead, it continues to support the current disc specs.

This high level resolution is best partnered up with a 4K TV for the best results, especially with the inclusion of HDR support. However, if you do not have a 4K TV you can still experience reasonably improved graphics.

Another positive is the ability to now video output in 4K resolution. Although the frame rate will differ depending on what platform the video is viewed on, this feature is handy for those who share their content.

Faster and more stable frame rates are also included to keep a faster and smoother experience. This will be greatly appreciated during chaotic and fast paced action scenes.

Overall, the PS4 Pro is more powerful than a standard PS4. However, is that enough reason to upgrade?

Well, in some cases yes. It all comes down to personal opinion. If you are someone who is interested in having 4K graphics or find this power appealing, then the upgrade would probably be worth it.

Otherwise, if you are quite content with what you already have and don’t want to spend extra for all these features, then this upgrade most likely isn’t for you.











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